IMF/World Bank Bretton Woods Project - Annual Meetings and Civil Society Policy Forum analysis, briefings, letters

Through this update, the Bretton Woods Project is providing CSOs with an in-depth analysis of IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings and Civil Society Policy Forum. 

Bretton Woods Project analysis:

  • Wrap-up analysis of the key developments on debt, tax, fiscal stimulus and sustainable recovery
  • G24 communiqué & press briefing analysis
  • G20 communiqué & press briefing analysis

On tax: “The G20 welcomed reports on the Blueprints for Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 by the G20 and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). The proposals outline new rules on where tax should be paid and a global minimum tax, which the OECD estimated would recoup $200 billion of revenue gains. Yet, the proposals fell far short of expectations. Alex Cobham of Tax Justice Network lambasted the reports as ‘tax haven lite’ and argued that they indicated that the OECD is, ‘incapable of delivering the urgent tax reforms the world needs.’ Tax justice campaigner and journalist Oliver Bullough pointed out that the new proposals would account for under half of the world’s annual losses to tax havens. Even these piecemeal proposals have yet to be agreed, with the G20 communiqué urging parties to ‘address the remaining issues with a view to reaching a global and consensus-based solution by mid-2021.’ This is despite the OECD’s own warning that developing countries dealing with costs of the pandemic could face a double blow from escalating trade wars unless international talks on tax rules are successful.”


If you missed some of the Civil Society Policy Forum events from the month, here are notes from six of them:


The schedule for official events organised by the IMF and World Bank last week are here, though not all were recorded.

Plus not technically CSPF but nonetheless interesting events around the meetings:


There were also a few reports, briefings and blogs released by CSOs ahead of/during the meetings (please feel free to add to this if I have missed any):



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