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  • IPCC - Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)

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  • IPCC - AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis report

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    Source: IPCC website 

    AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

    The Working Group I contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report is the most up-to-date physical understanding of the climate system and climate change, bringing together the latest advances in climate science, and combining multiple lines of evidence from paleoclimate, observations, process understanding, and global and regional climate simulations.

    Link to the report:

    Europe regional factsheet:

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  • New 'donor profiles' + global aid trends, incl. link w vaccines, debt relief, SDRs & climate

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  • World Bank: Six strategies to increase young women’s access to digital jobs

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    The digital economy can create new job opportunities for young women and help address the persistent gender disparity in the labor market. Jobs involving remote, online, flexible work can help young women overcome mobility constraints, challenge restrictive gender norms, and reduce longstanding occupational segregation in traditionally male-dominated industries. However, practitioners would need to be intentional about using better targeted strategies in program design to help young women succeed in high-quality digital jobs, and also move up to higher skilled and higher paying digital jobs over time. Continue reading.

  • When ‘helping’ doesn’t count: What’s behind the underreporting of women’s work?

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    Against concerns about the accuracy in measuring women’s economic engagement and the need to better understand female employment in rural areas, a qualitative study was conducted in Honduras to assess how well standard survey questions were identifying women’s economic activities. Continue reading.

  • Recovery from the Pandemic across the World: Balancing Short-term and Long-term Concerns

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    Author: World Bank

    The COVID-19 pandemic combines the worst characteristics of many previous crises into a single extraordinary challenge. What can be expected in terms of a recovery from the crisis in different countries and regions across the world? This seminar will discuss the projections for economic activity in 2020 and 2021 and the domestic and international conditions that may potentially limit or enable a recovery.

  • Global Extreme Poverty is Expected to Rise in 2020, Says WBG Report

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    Author: World Bank

    The Poverty and Shared Prosperity series provides a global audience with the latest and most accurate estimates on trends in global poverty and shared prosperity. For more than two decades, extreme poverty was steadily declining. Now, for the first time in a generation, the quest to end poverty has suffered its worst setback.
    Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2020: Reversals of Fortune provides new data and analysis on the causes and consequences of this reversal and identifies policy principles countries can use to counter it. The report presents new estimates of COVID-19’s impacts on global poverty and inequality. Harnessing fresh data from frontline surveys and economic  simulations,  it  shows  that  pandemic-related  job  losses  and  deprivation  worldwide  are  hitting  already-poor  and  vulnerable  people  hard,  while  also  partly  changing the profile of global poverty by creating millions of “new poor.” Furthermore, the report breaks ground by jointly analyzing three factors whose convergence is driving the current crisis and will extend its impact into the future: the COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflict, and climate change. wide  are  hitting ...  Read More 


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  • Gender-Based Violence Discussion-Video Recording Available

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    Author: World Bank Inspection Panel

    As part of: Emerging Lessons Series No. 6 - Responding to Project GBV Complaints Through an IAM


    Dear friends and colleagues,



    Thanks to the more than 250 of you who took the time to watch the virtual discussion hosted by the Inspection Panel on December 9 on investigating project-related gender-based violence complaints through an independent accountability mechanism.



    We’d also like to thank our moderator, Koen Davidse, and our speakers Michelle Bachelet, Moses Ntenga, Elana Berger, Maninder Gill and Dubravka Simonovic for a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion.



    Those of you who are interested in the topic but could not watch the event live can access a video recording of the discussion by clicking here:

  • FMCBG Communique & C20 Response

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    Dear C20 Finance WG colleagues,


    We hope this message finds you well. As you are well aware, the second meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors tool place earlier today:


    • Here the link to the FMCBG communique:

    • And here the link to the webpage where you can find all annexes that are referred to in the communique:


    As expected, there are no pathbreaking outcomes and rather a confirmation of a number of decisions in progress which we anticipated in the last WG call (SDR allocation, DSSI extension, upgrade of Sustainable Finance Study Group to fully fledged WG, etc.). There are anyhow a number of reference to mandated FSB reports related to financial regulations (non-bank financial intermediation, global stablecoins, etc.). We believe it would be important to generate a “short & sharp” C20 Finance WG communique in response to the FMCBG conclusions. The core group is working to prepare a short draft within the next 1-2 days and we are therefore writing to both invite your comments as well as alert you that the draft might be coming your way with a very short feedback window.


    As soon as the communique is behind us, we will get back to our WG process and schedule the next WG call (possibly end of April).


    Cheers, Patricia & Stefano

    C20 Finance WG Co-Coordinators

  • COP26 Presidency: Climate and Development Pathway (Timeline of events)

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