Webinar - Rebranding or reshaping the global financial architecture? MDBs reform, Bridgetown Initiative and the New Global Financial Pact

Building on Eurodad’s first webinar on the World Bank’s ‘Evolution Roadmap’ titled Reform or Regress? From the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap to the Bridgetown Agenda" (6 April 2023), this panel addressed the drivers, risks and opportunities of the current proposals to transform the global financial architecture, including the focus on accessing, leveraging and derisking private finance, with a view to exploring alternatives. 

Watch the webinar (click here for the Spanish version)

This panel aimed to initiate critical dialogue on the current proposals to transform the global financial architecture, focusing on three interlinked initiatives, the MDBs reform (exemplified by the World Bank Evolution Roadmap), the Bridgetown initiative (evolving proposal introduced by Barbados) and New Global financial pact (to be held as a Summit in June 22-23rd).


The event was moderated by Carola Mejía, Climate Finance Analyst at the Latin American Network for Economic and Social Justice - LATINDADD

• Daniela Gabor is Professor of Economics and Macrofinance at UWE Bristol
• Liane Schalatek is Vice-Director of Boell Foundation North America
• Mariama Williams is Director of the Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) in Jamaica, principle consultant at the Integrated Policy Research Institute (IPRI), a member of the Caribbean Feminist Action Network and the Gender and Trade Coalition

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