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Farwa Sial

Adrian Chikowore

Shining light on the EU’s new development bank

The new development arm of the European Investment Bank is expected to be instrumental to the success of the EU’s...
Farwa Sial

The Private Sector Window in World Bank’s IDA20: Where exactly is the development impact?

The proposed increase in the International Development Association's much criticised private sector window ignores civil society's concerns that it lacks...
Farwa Sial

A wrong turn for World Bank concessional lending

If the World Bank's International Development Association is to be an important source of recovery funds for the poorest economies, then...
Farwa Sial

The relentless quest to mobilise private investment in infrastructure: more de-risking is not the answer

While G7 leaders argue that they "aim for a step change" in their approach to infrastructure financing, a market-led approach...
Farwa Sial

Induction session on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

In this induction session, Eurodad’s Campaign and Outreach Coordinator on Development Finance, Océane Blavot, and Farwa Sial, Senior Policy and...
Farwa Sial

Crash Course - Platforms and the limits of Competition Policy with Farwa Sial

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, we discussed the challenges that Big Tech confronts us with in terms of...