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Leia Achampong

Leia Achampong

Climate finance power map

This is a mapping of some of the various climate finance implementing agencies, mechanisms, multilateral organisations, political constellations etc from...
Leia Achampong

The EU's Climate Diplomacy priorities focus on solutions from the past to address current climate finance challenges

Ahead of the UN climate conference (COP27) - the first to take place in Africa for five years - European...
Leia Achampong

Joint CSO letter on the Climate Finance Delivery Plan

Eurodad signed onto a joint CSO letter on the Climate Finance Delivery Plan, the development of which was led by...
Ilaria Crotti

CSOs discussion on climate and debt

Eurodad held a CSOs discussion on debt & climate dynamics. It focussed on issue development to better understand the nexus of...
Leia Achampong

Briefing on loss and damage

Some of you have asked for more context on how and why loss and damage is different to adaptation and...
Leia Achampong

How lessons from development finance can strengthen climate finance

Climate finance is a vital and powerful sustainable development tool. This briefing highlights lessons learned from long-standing work on development...