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No climate justice without debt justice

A group of CSOs and social movements have gathered to take action on debt justice and climate justice.  Within the Global...

Debt and climate resources

A list of useful readings to understand the interlinkages between the debt and the climate crises.
Olivia Lally

Overview of CBCR resources

This overview of resources for the campaign for country by country reporting (CBCR) is updated by Olivia Lally. It contains...

Alice in Moneyland

Content for this Citizens for Financial Justice animation was drawn from Spotlight on Financial Justice: Understanding Global Inequalities to Overcome...

Global Week of Action for Debt Cancellation: Open Letter

Open Letter on Debt Cancellation with Complete List of more than 550 signatories from over 96 Countries 

Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development - how to join

Grupo de mujeres sobre Financiamiento para el Desarrollo  Groupe de Femmes sur le Financement du Developpement

CSO FfD Group (including Women’s Working Group on FfD) Declaration High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development (FfD)

As the UN meets this September to discuss the climate crisis and sustainable development, it is evident that meaningful progress is...

International development and the EU budget

This briefing has been endorsed by Eurodad, ActionAid EU,  Aidsfonds, Act Alliance EU, Alliance 2015, Brot für die Welt, Care...