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Pooja Rangaprasad

Database: Governments supporting debt cancellation and/or debt architecture reforms at the UN

The below database tracks recent statements by governments calling for ambitious solutions supporting debt cancellation and/or debt architecture reforms at...

World Bank's International Debt Statistics 2021

The International Debt Statistics 2021 report features external debt statistics and analysis for the 120 low- and middle-income countries that...

Jubilee Debt Campaign Debt Data Portal

This portal by Jubilee Debt Campaign compiles key statistics and analysis on the debts of countries and governments.

Oxfam dataset: measures included in IMF COVID-19 loans

To respond to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has committed $1 trillion and so...

IPCC Emission Factor Database (EFDB)

The Emission Factor Database (EFDB) is a project supported by the National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Programme (NGGIP), which is managed...

IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC)

The Data Distribution Centre (DDC) provides climate, socio-economic and environmental data, both from the past and also in scenarios projected...

OECD Official development assistance (ODA)

These are useful links to OECD database on Official Development Assitance

State of Tax Justice country data

TJN country data summaries from the forthcoming 'State of Tax Justice 2020' report are now available The 'State of Tax...

25 year on: realising the Beijing Declaration’s unfulfilled promise on macroeconomic policy

Webinar by the Gender and Development Network.
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UNCTAD Mapping of PPP-related ISDS cases

The mapping is available here on UNCTAD website