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Océane Blavot

Notes - EU PPP Working Group

Ilaria Crotti

Virtual Global Debt Strategy Meeting

Eurodad and co-organised the 2021 Global Debt Strategy meeting to discuss our forthcoming plans both in the short and...
Ilaria Crotti

CSOs discussion on climate and debt

Eurodad held a CSOs discussion on debt & climate dynamics. It focussed on issue development to better understand the nexus of...
Chiara Mariotti

CSO - EU SCIMF Dialogue- November 2020

CSO - EU SCIMF Meeting- Background Brief, November 2020    
Chiara Mariotti

Meeting with WB European EDs (October 2020)/3: briefing on accountability

Briefing for European Executive Directors on the  Review of IFC/MIGA’s Environmental and Social Accountability Framework & Accountability Mechanism Secretary Selection...
Chiara Mariotti

Meeting with WB European EDs (October 2020)/1: briefing on Covid-19 crisis

Briefing to World Bank European Executive Directors on the WB's response to the Covid-19 crisis, 29th October 2020
Chiara Mariotti

Call on Special Drawing Rights 12.7.20 Meeting Notes