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Briefing: "Gender-responsive climate finance: The key to just climate action and tackling inequalities"

New expert paper looks at the gendered impacts of national and personal debt on a woman's ability to implement climate measures,...
Markus Trilling

Internal briefing - "Big Fossil Fuels is cashing in on war – can windfall profit taxes serve up justice?"

While the cost of living is rising globally and companies like Shell and BP are still making massive amounts of...
Polina Girshova

IPES-Food's new Debt Report on Unsustainable Food Systems

The new special report by IPES-Food titled "Breaking the Cycle of Unsustainable Food Systems, Hunger and Debt" is out.
Za Zemiata

Bulgarian big business relieved of tax burden

A new report by the environmental association Za Zemiata / FoE Bulgaria finds that the top ten biggest companies are...
Publish What You Fund

Women’s Economic Empowerment: building evidence for better investments

CEE Bankwatch

EIB Global: new branding, old problems

With the launch of its new development branch EIB Global, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has shown its appetite for...

Framing Feminist Taxation Vol. 2

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ)’s Tax and Gender Working Group, together with ActionAid International, Akina Mama wa Afrika...
CEE Bankwatch

Flattering to deceive: A reality check for the ‘EU Climate Bank’

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the European Union’s investment bank and its financial arm. It has been seeking to position itself as a climate leader...
Jubilee Debt Campaign

The growing debt crisis in lower income countries and cuts in public spending

New figures released today by anti-poverty campaigners Debt Justice show that countries in debt crisis are expected to spend less in...

Developing Best Practice Guidelines for Responsible Private Investments Report

Authored by Dilmi Wijesekara on behalf of Debt Justice Norway. Report aimed at developing a best practice for responsible private...