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Video: “Debt relief as response to the corona-induced recession – What next?

Watch the recording of our September 2020 online expert discussion on Erlassjahr YouTube channel  

Webinar on tax and justice with the women working group

Crash Course - Dependency Theory and Uneven Development

In this episode of Crash Course Economics, Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez discuss Dependency Theory with Ingrid Kvangraven. How does...

Crash Course - Debt, Dependence and Development in Historical Perspective

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez speak with Andrew Fischer about Debt, Dependence and Development...

Capital versus Life? Corporate Capture: Financialization & Financial Extractivism

Webinar by Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development

Crash Course - Monetary policy: effects on the Global South

Pablo Bortz speaks with Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez about monetary policy and the effects on the Global South in...

IAFFE webinar series and resources on Covid19 and gender

By the International Association for Feminist Economics

Women's rights and climate finance: WEDO webinar series

By Womens and Environment Development Organisation (WEDO)