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Climate Finance

Leia Achampong

The EU's Climate Diplomacy priorities focus on solutions from the past to address current climate finance challenges

Ahead of the UN climate conference (COP27) - the first to take place in Africa for five years - European...

Locked out of a Just Transition: fossil fuel financing in Africa

Published on March 3, 2022 by 19 African partners, Banktrack and Oil Change International.

Eurodad's intervention at S&D's Africa Week

The upcoming EU-Africa Summit (17 - 18 February) is an opportunity to ensure that both of these regions have the...

Why the IMF Resilience and Sustainability Trust is not a silver bullet for Covid-19 recovery and the fight against climate change

Last week the IMF published a blog disclosing some key design features of the Resilience and Sustainability Trust (RST), confirming that countries...

Water, sanitation and hygiene: the foundation for building resilience in climate-vulnerable communities

Around 90% of extreme weather events are related to water – be they through droughts, floods or storms. Natural disasters...
Maria Jose Romero

2022 Eurodad workplan presentation - Development Finance

In this video, Maria Jose Romero, Policy and Advocacy Manager - Development Finance, sets out the Eurodad workplan for 2022...

UPDATE: New reports, analyses and data on climate finance

Dear colleagues,Ahead of the holiday break, I wanted to share some resources with you that you might find to be...

ODG : Publication Green Deals: Where is global justice? (Catalan, Spanish, English)

Publication Green Deals: Where is global justice? (Catalan, Spanish, English)