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Climate Finance

Green deals in a time of pandemics: The future will be contested now

Book by Alfons Pérez, Observatori del Deute en la Globalització ODG.

Justice climatique

Le réchauffement de l’atmosphère est l’un des plus grand défis pour l’humanité. Montée du niveau de la mer, fonte des...

IMF: climate and debt; Ethiopia and Common Framework, EU and DSSI

Dear friends, I hope this email finds you well.  Please find below some resources and recent news I thought would be...

New educational material on sovereign debt and climate change

As part of 2020 campaign “Climate justice needs debt relief”, produced four new educational activities on the complex...
Leia Achampong

Climate finance timeline

Meeting with WB European EDs (October 2020)/2: briefing on climate

Climate briefing – civil society meeting with European executive directors to the World Bank Group, 29 October 2020 This briefing...
Iolanda Fresnillo

A tale of two emergencies - the interplay of sovereign debt and climate crises in the global south

Our latest report focuses on the climate emergency and how it has become a wider focus of policy discussions around...