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Debt Justice

Daniel Munevar

A Pandemia da Dívida / Debt Pandemic

The Debt Pandemic: What Impacts For Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique? Webinar in English and Portuguese
Third World Network

Special Drawing Rights: Saving the global economy and bolstering recovery in pandemic times

A summary of key issues emerging from recent high-level event on SDR recycling mechanisms, funds, and vehicles.

Open letter on the Debt Transparency Initiative (DTI) to OECD, G20 and European Commission

The open letter to the OECD, G20 and European Commission expresses Eurodad network concerns on the Debt Transparency Initiative (DTI). The letter was signed...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 9&10

International Finance Architecture reform: Debt workout mechanism and responsible lending and borrowing. Overview of debt in Europe
Ilaria Crotti

CSOs discussion on climate and debt

Eurodad held a CSOs discussion on debt & climate dynamics. It focussed on issue development to better understand the nexus of...
Iolanda Fresnillo

How to get to the bottom of a country's debts?

Debt audits can be a powerful tool to support civil society engagement in citizen assessment of debt impacts but also...
Daniel Munevar

Sleep now in the fire: Sovereign Bonds and the Covid-19 Debt Crisis

Public debt levels have been on the rise over the past decade and this dynamic has been exacerbated further by...

Analysis 102: Climate change, Debt and COVID-19

A new study from Bread for the World and, 'Climate change, Debt and COVID-19: Analysing the Triple Crisis with a New Climate Disaster...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 7&8

Illegitimate debt and debt audit. Overview of debt in Asia.