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Debt Justice

Code red for humanity: time for a just and adequate response is running out!

The remaining months of 2021 are crucial for the future of our humanity. The multiple and interrelated crises that we...
Ilaria Crotti

Virtual Global Debt Strategy Meeting

Eurodad and co-organised the 2021 Global Debt Strategy meeting to discuss our forthcoming plans both in the short and...

Global Income Inequality, 1820-2020

In this paper, Lucas Chancel and Thomas Piketty mobilize newly available historical series from the World Inequality Database to construct world income distribution...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 13&14

Public debt data resources Mobilisation and advocacy strategies
Finance Watch

Fiscal Mythology Unmasked: debunking eight tales about European public debt and fiscal rules

Europe faces serious environmental, economic and social challenges that require a rethink on public intervention. Not free to do as...

Will the G20 let private finance escape debt relief once again?

The G20 Finance Ministers’ and central bank Governors’ meeting (9-11 July) does not have mounting indebtedness by low- to middle-income...

New Special Drawing Rights should tackle Covid, not lead to aid cuts or deepen the debt crisis

In late August the IMF is planning on creating $650 billion of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to strengthen global financial...
Debt Relief for Green and Inclusive Recovery

Securing Private Sector Participation and Creating Policy Space for Sustainable Development

A proposal by Ulrich Volz, Shamshad Akhtar, Kevin P. Gallagher, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Jörg Haas and Moritz Kraemer.
Pooja Rangaprasad

Database: Governments supporting debt cancellation and/or debt architecture reforms at the UN

The below database tracks recent statements by governments calling for ambitious solutions supporting debt cancellation and/or debt architecture reforms at...