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Debt Justice

Who really benefits from the Liquidity and Sustainability Facility?

Dear all, We wanted to share a blog post on the Liquidity and Sustainability Facility (LSF). The LSF is a proposal...
Daniel Munevar

Liquid illusions: Who really benefits from the Liquidity and Sustainability Facility?

During the past year, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, in partnership with the US asset management firm PIMCO,...
Global Policy Forum

The new debt crisis and what to do about it

Global debt levels have been surging constantly over the past decade, and the need to fight the COVID-19 crisis with...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 11&12

During the sixth Debt Wednesday event, we explored some cross-cutting issues that are inextricably connected to debt justice: climate justice,...

Frequent arguments against the participation of multilateral development banks in debt relief

We have all discussed a lot about private sector involvement in the DSSI and the Common Framework, but there is another...

Chad negotiations under Common Framework moving on

Dear friends, I hope this message finds you well.  As you might have seen in the press, Chad's negotiations under...
Daniel Munevar

A Pandemia da Dívida / Debt Pandemic

The Debt Pandemic: What Impacts For Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique? Webinar in English and Portuguese
Third World Network

Special Drawing Rights: Saving the global economy and bolstering recovery in pandemic times

A summary of key issues emerging from recent high-level event on SDR recycling mechanisms, funds, and vehicles.