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Debt Justice

Take Action Toolkit

Dear all, In preparation of the next UN High Level Events, please find a Take Action toolkit here.   The toolkit...
Daniel Munevar

A debt pandemic: Dynamics and implications of the debt crisis of 2020

Our latest briefing provides an overview of the dynamics and implications of the 2020 sovereign debt crisis. The prioritisation of...

Debt actions re UN HLE and CSO meeting on debt architecture & FfD

Following Jean's suggestion, please see below a summary of the actions we've planned for next days and weeks regarding the...

Eurodad Strategic Plan

Eurodad's Strategic Plan sets ambitious goals to help achieve: tax justice to stem the loss of resources in developing countries; ending debt crises...
Daniel Munevar

Suriname's debt crisis

Eurodad #debtfacts
Daniela Gabor

The Liquidity and Sustainability Facility for African sovereign bonds: who benefits?

The aim of this paper is to contribute to an informed dialogue on the most appropriate forms of development finance...
Iolanda Fresnillo

Zambia & the G20 Common Framework

Eurodad #debtfacts