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Debt Justice

No more loans? How Creditors Torpedo Debt Relief Initiatives

Jubilee Germany ( has published a discussion paper on the market-access narrative, available in English and German. The debt relief...

Debt and pandemic in middle-income countries

Report published by Latindadd, October 2021

The IIF & debt relief: How the Institute of International Finance lobbies to prevent private debt relief for developing countries

This report exposes how the Institute of International Finance (IIF) has been given a privileged role by the G20 to...

No climate justice without debt justice

A group of CSOs and social movements have gathered to take action on debt justice and climate justice.  Within the Global...

Debt and climate resources

A list of useful readings to understand the interlinkages between the debt and the climate crises.

Atlas of Vulnerability: Developing Countries and the Pandemic

A new online map highlights vulnerabilities that countries face in Latin America and the Caribbean. Jubilee USA Network and LATINDADD,...

G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG) outcome

The G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap, developed by the SFWG, has been endorsed by Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. It sets...

Another Debt Crisis in the Making?

Debt crises have become more frequent across the world, especially in developing countries. More than 95 countries underwent some 600...