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CSO - EU SCIMF Dialogue- November 2022

CSO - EU SCIMF Meeting- Background Brief, November 2022
Adrian Chikowore

Shining light on the EU’s new development bank

The new development arm of the European Investment Bank is expected to be instrumental to the success of the EU’s...

Special Drawing Rights: Can the IMF’s reserve currency become a transformative financial resource?

In August 2021, the IMF issued the largest allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) in history. This briefing takes stock...

Deciphering the Review of the IMF’s Institutional View on Capital Flows

On March 30, 2022, the International Monetary Fund published the Review of the Institutional View on the Liberalization and Management...
Hamdi Benslama

Eurodad members update on development finance and debt justice - April 2022

This update offers a summary of the key advocacy opportunities in the area of debt and development finance, a list...