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IFIs & Publicly Backed Private Finance

Sanam Amin

Feminist principles: the private sector and multilateralism

The Feminist Economic Justice for People & Planet Action Nexus is led by four key partners - who also serve as...
Farwa Sial

The relentless quest to mobilise private investment in infrastructure: more de-risking is not the answer

While G7 leaders argue that they "aim for a step change" in their approach to infrastructure financing, a market-led approach...
Farwa Sial

Induction session on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

In this induction session, Eurodad’s Campaign and Outreach Coordinator on Development Finance, Océane Blavot, and Farwa Sial, Senior Policy and...
Chiara Mariotti

Update on the IMF 2021 Comprehensive Surveillance Review

In May 2021, the IMF published its 2021 Comprehensive Surveillance Review (2021 CSR), which takes stocks of the Fund’s policy...

New blog by Chris Hope and Bhumika Mucchala on SDRs: emerging issues from high-level event on SDR recycling mechanisms, funds, and vehicles

Dear all,  I am happy to share with you a new piece by Chris Hope (BWP) and Bhumika Mucchala (TWN) summarising...
Third World Network

Special Drawing Rights: Saving the global economy and bolstering recovery in pandemic times

A summary of key issues emerging from recent high-level event on SDR recycling mechanisms, funds, and vehicles.
Daniela Gabor

Private finance won’t decarbonise our economies – but the ‘big green state’ can

Blog article in The Guardian by Professor Daniela Gabor. 'While the private sector wants to keep control of the green...

Crash Course - Big Tech and the Global South

See the full details on the Crash Course Economics website here In this fourth Crash Course episode of the series...

Eurodad members' update on development finance - June 2021

Please find here a members' update from Eurodad's development finance team.