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Public CBCR petition just launched in German and English - please share!

German CSOs have launched two CBCR petitions targeting the German government today. 

IMF/World Bank Bretton Woods Project - Annual Meetings and Civil Society Policy Forum analysis, briefings, letters

Through this update, the Bretton Woods Project is providing CSOs with an in-depth analysis of IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings and Civil...

CBCR call: Update, doodle and draft agenda

Please find below a draft agenda for our next CBCR working group call and notes from our last call and a...


call for application for the Beijing +25 Advocacy Grants Program.   

Short-Changed: How the IMF's tax policies are failing women

By ActionAid.

FinCEN files

The ICIJ has just released a new leak named FinCEN files focused on the role of large banks in large-scale...

Substantive gender equality - what does it mean for economic policy after COVID?

Just wanted to flag a recent brief we at CESR published with IWRAW-AP, looking at how the human rights norm...

Cyprus leaked docs - investigation into Golden Visas

If you are working on/interested in Beneficial Ownership in relation to IFFs - specifically the Golden Visa phenomenon practiced by...
Tove Ryding

An intergovernmental UN tax commission – why we need it and how we can get it

The Group of 77 (G77) – representing more than 130 developing countries – has repeatedly proposed the establishment of an...
Olivia Lally

EU country by country reporting

Every year, corporate tax avoidance costs countries around the world an estimated US$ 500 billion. Click here to find the...