AUV IATF Report 2021 - Process for collective response

Dear CS FfD Group colleagues,


I hope this message finds you well. The preparations for the 2021 ECOSOC Forum on FfD Follow-up are gaining speed. Please note that the advance unedited version of the 2021 FSDR is available on the IATF website. The document is not for citation or publication. You can find the draft at:


As usual, the FfD Coordination Group will facilitate a collective response to the IATF Report. While the various FfD workstreams/working groups will analysis the report from their respective angles and thematic areas of focus, you are also invited to share your comments on the overall list by no later than Friday, March 12, COB. A draft response will be circulated on the list as soon as compiled to also provide an opportunity for further feedback and comments.


The report is lengthy and it would be challenging for any of us to review it in its entirety. You are therefore invited to browse through the sections of your primary interest and competence and share your comments on those. Please share your comments in point-by-point format to facilitate their integration, being clear on whether they are overall bird-eye view consideration or whether they refer to specific sections of the report. You are also invited to complement the content of the report with elements that are missing while being relevant, in which case please do so in a short & sharp manner.


Looking forward to your active engagement in this process!


Cheers, Stefano

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