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Currently key workstreams for the publicly-backed private finance team, part of the broader development finance, are: 

  •         Promoting an international development finance architecture that delivers for public goods in a transparent and accountable way.
  •         Countering the promotion of blended finance and public private partnerships (PPPs) by International Financial Institutions and other major donors as a way to deliver public services. In particular, Eurodad research has provided in-depth, evidence-based analysis of the negative impact of PPPs in both the global south and the global north. Signed by over 250 organizations, the PPP manifesto has served as a basis for a global campaign on PPPs.
  •         Promoting sustainable finance for sustainable infrastructure in developing countries and high quality publicly-funded and gender-responsive universal public services.
  •         Monitoring and highlighting the harmful influence of International Financial Institutions on developing countries’ economic and social policies and unveiling donor influence.
  •         Ensuring that finance flows are aligned with environmental and climate protections, standards and policies.

Eurodad monitors policy developments, conducts research and coordinates advocacy with a large group of members and allies with a key emphasis on EU institutions, the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund and the UN Financing for Development process

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