CBCR petitions: Please sign and share!

Morning folks,

I hope you're all having a lovely start to the day! I'm writing to ask for your help :) We have launched a public CBCR petition with WeMove and I'm hoping you can help us promote it by signing and sharing with your own networks? You can find all of the info below, including the links to sign and a toolkit that contains template tweets as well as template emails to share the petition with people who are not following the issue.
Huge thanks in advance, 
Dear friends,
We have exciting news - WeMove has launched a public CBCR petition in several languages! As we know, trialogue negotiations for EU public CBCR rules are ongoing, but two of the three institutions at the table are not supporting real public CBCR that would oblige companies to report on a country by country basis for all countries they operate in. We really need to demonstrate a strong public demand for real transparency and a large number of signatures will be one important way of doing this. Please promote the petition among your members and allies and encourage them to sign and share! You can find the links below, as well as a mini toolkit to make it easier to share these with your networks, allies, members and supporters! 
What can you do to help promote the petiton right now? We have put together a toolkit with background information about the petitions, template emails to ask people to sign, template tweets to ask people to sign, as well as multimedia assets to accompany these. 
  1. Share the petition with your members/ allies/ supporters by email. You can find template emails, images and videos to help with this in the toolkit.
  2. Share the petition on your social media channels.  You can find template tweets, target's social media handles, as well as images and videos in the toolkit.
  3. Share the petition with allies and ask them to promote it. The toolkit also contains a template email to send to those who have already signed, asking them to share further.
What's next:
  • We'll discuss petitions further on our next public CBCR call and begin to brainstorm campaign ideas to promote and handover the petitions with WeMove. 
  • WeMove has connected us to two other campaigning organisations and they're reaching out to national petition platforms to explore the possibility of having additional petitions to help us generate even more signatures. I'll reach out to members in any country where one of the organisations is interested in launching a petition and if you'd be interested in this in your country, please let me know.
Warm wishes,

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