Civil society interventions at FFD forum - April 2022

Please find below a list of Civil Society's interventions during the FFD forum sessions that took place on 25 April 2022. The below mentioned speakers took the floor on behalf of their organisation and of the civil Society Group on FFD and the Women's Working Group on FFD. I added links to the tweets, in case you'd like to retweet:
First meeting, Financing the SDGs by increasing fiscal space for an inclusive and sustainable recovery:
  • From 1:21:30, Bhumika Muchhala, Third World Network. Key points on this Twitter thread.
  • From 1:36:20: Thomas Pallithanam, NGO Committee on FFD. You can read the intervention here.
  • From 1:38:50: Pooja Rangaprasad, Society for International Development (SID). Retweet the call for a new international conference on Financing for development.
Second meeting, Aligning the global debt architecture with the SDGs: What will it take?:
  • From 00:43: Iolanda Fresnillo, Eurodad. Retweet this powerful statement on how the G20, IMF and WB have not been able to provide a much needed response to the debt crises and how the UN is the only space where Global South countries can be part of equal conditions.
  • From 1:08: Bodo Ellmer, Global Policy Forum. Here on the importance of the UN process to address the escalating debt crisis. 
  • From 1:09:50: Emilia Reyes, Equidad de Genero. Here Emilia's question "who pays the debt?". The answer is in this thread. Here are some key points. 
  • From 1: Claudio Fernandes, Gestos and on behalf of the Brazilian Working Group for the 2030 agenda. Here the call to review development outcomes of questionable financing mechanisms.

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