Climate & IMF: A Learning Series - IMF and the “macro-critical” issues of climate, inequality and gender

26 May 2021
May 26, 2021 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm


Interested in influencing the IMF on climate & energy issues? Oxfam is hosting a four-part learning series directed at civil society and will explore a range of relevant themes throughout the coming months.


Session 1: May 26th, 2021 9-10:30am DC time: IMF and the “macro-critical” issues of climate, inequality and gender

Session 2 June: IMF structure and how decisions are made

Session 3 July: Breaking down a "Just Transition"

Session 4 September: Debt and Climate


JOIN THE FIRST IN THE SERIES ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 26TH @ 9-10:30AM DC time! (3-4:30PM Brussels time)

In this first session in May, IMF and the “macro-critical” issues of climate, inequality and gender, we’ll be discussing the evolution of the IMF’s mandate and expansion of macro-criticality, the politics and dynamics of it all, and getting into a discussion on each of the themes of inequality, climate and gender as they have manifested at the Fund. We’ll also discuss the just-released Comprehensive Surveillance Review and where things stand today. We’ll have a fairly informal set up and leave a healthy 40 minutes for questions and discussion. And we’ll be sure to keep it a lively and informative session where I am sure we will all learn greatly from one another! Do join us and share with others in civil society that you think would be interested. This session is limited to participation from civil society and allies within academia.


Moderator: Nadia Daar, Oxfam International


Sargon Nissan, Recourse

Chiara Mariotti, Eurodad

Jon Sward & Ella Hopkins, Bretton Woods Project


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