CSO AID Observatorio Handbook 2020

RoA-AP and CPDE Asia created a training course to strengthen CSO capacities to monitor aid and promote CSO partnerships towards evidenced-based policy in the region.

The CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook 2020: Advancing Human Rights and Development Effectiveness is composed of four modules:

  1.     Aid and Development Cooperation Concepts and Principles
  2.     People’s Research and Development Cooperation
  3.     Data Sourcing and Management
  4.     Dissemination and Popularization

Through the years, CSOs’ advocacies and campaigns all over the world have greatly impacted the discourse shift on development cooperation from mere aid effectiveness to a more holistic development effectiveness, pushing for the recognition and acceptance of human rights-based frameworks. However, the lack of an accountability framework left a gap in monitoring aid and accessing aid information, which makes it harder to ensure accountability for all the commitments made by all countries/stakeholders involved in development cooperation.

This condition gave birth to RoA-AP and CPDE’s publication of a training course on CSO Aid Observatorio in 2013 to strengthen the capacities of CSOs to monitor aid and to promote CSO partnerships and cohesiveness of aid monitoring work towards evidence-based policy engagement on aid and development effectiveness in Asia Pacific.

This 2020, RoA-AP and CPDE produced an updated training manual to:

  1.     Reflect the transformations in the aid architecture and development cooperation as well as the changing nature of a CSO Aid Observatorio;
  2.     Situate the development cooperation concepts and examples in the current context;
  3.     Discuss new challenges and emerging trends;
  4.     Encourage CSOs to practice re-imagined ways of aid monitoring and policy engagement; and
  5.     Harness CSOs’ capacities to contribute to RoA-AP’s CSO Aid Observatorio Platform (coming soon).

The Handbook is downloadable for free.

To make the Handbook easier to follow, a four-part training video series containing the highlights of the modules were also created and will be soon launched on our website. Watch the CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook introduction video here.

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