Debt actions re UN HLE and CSO meeting on debt architecture & FfD

Following Jean's suggestion, please see below a summary of the actions we've planned for next days and weeks regarding the UN HLE and CSO meeting on debt architecture & FfD Forum. 
First, why is this important for the debt team? If we do not want discussions on DWM to disappear from UN agenda we need that the HLE does not become totally irrelevant and that the outcome of the FfD Forum mentions debt architecture or debt authority proposal. 
CALENDAR (main events) 
23 March 2021HLE on Debt Architecture - Civil Society Meeting -
See concept note attached with proposed speakers and the flyer that Pooja has prepared. This is the meeting where we have a voice to share our points on the need for debt architecture reform. 
19-24 March 2021 Negotiations on the FfD document start officially on the 25th (the zero draft will be available today). 24th March COB is the deadline for "Detailed submission on behalf of CS FfD Group to zero draft". G77 countries are trying to include some language on debt architecture reform and debt workout mechanism under UN - France (and maybe other EU countries) is fiercely opposing this and if not boycotting, obstructing any discussion on debt architecture in UN forums. Detailed calendar on the negotiation attached. 
29th March - HLE on debt and liquidity promoted by UN SG 
(not sure if there'll be a briefing from him/UN DESA on the issue published by the time of the HLE). 
See the save the date note sent to governments by the UN. Lidy is the designated CSO speaker there. We are aiming at high level participation but France is sort of blocking. There's a chance Spain participates at the highest level (Sanchez) but we do not have any other confirmation, so there's a risk the event is undermined by non relevant participation from europeans. It does not seem the EU will send either a high level representative. We're sending a letter today to Von Der Leyen to stress the importance of the occasion.  
12th to 15th April - FfD Forum - including an official panel on debt and two side events from CSOs, both of them dealing with debt and tax (one on the call for a FfD Summit / UN Conference, and one on the role of private sector)
Proposals regarding advocacy and comms
  • We've drafted with the debt rapid response group a short template letter (attached) to be sent by members to governments. This has been done thinking on advocacy on european governments, but can be adapted to other contexts. The objective is to get them to participate at the highest level at both HLE on 23rd and specially 29th, and also to increase the sense of urgency and need to do more on debt (DSSI and CF won't provide what is needed). 
  • We're sending a version of that letter, signed by Jean, to Ursula von der Leyen, as we heard today that she's not confirmed for the 29th March meeting (and it does not seem EC will send anyone relevant). 
  • Also attached, a document with a list of questions issues to raise in case they manage to get a meeting and some bullet points for op-ed(s) in national media, specially in France and Spain, maybe in Netherlands, Norway Germany and Italy (and ask members to try do the same in their countries). I am coordinating with Jaime for a piece in El Pais, cosigned by Jaime, Patricia and Myself. PFDD will deal with France. We'll see with Julia next week if there's room for something in an international media outlet. 
  • To increase dissemination of the narrative on the need for a DWM, Daniel produced these infographics. The idea would be to use that for social media drawing attention to the meetings.  
Besides all this, the moment we have the zero draft of the outcome document, we'll coordinate with Pooja and others on the debt part. 
I hope this is clear, but we can discuss on monday any implications, overlaps, doubts, etc ...
Have a nice weekend!

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