Debt architecture UN event TODAY - news, resources and volunteers for note-taking

Dear friends
We hope this email finds you well and you had a restful weekend. 
The day has arrived for the UN High Level Event on Debt Architecture and Liquidity. The event will be broadcast here
First, if you're interested in collectively following it, please send a message via Skype to ifresnillo, we'll set up a group to follow it and collectively take notes -> please sign-in here to volunteer for note taking - it'd be good to have at least two people in each slot. 
Here you have the concept note and the agenda for the meeting. 
Also, we've spotte online the UN SG briefing on Liquidity and Debt Solutions (also attached). The briefing includes language on "an international sovereign debt authority or mechanism, an expert-based authority or standing body independent of creditor as well as debtor interests", together with a list of other proposals on liquidity and expanding/extending DSSI and Common Framework, as well as " public multilateral credit rating agency" , among others. There is also this piece on FT on the SG call for more action on debt (attached in pdf in case you don't have access). 
Also, here you have several Op-ed published in the last days, for dissemination in your social media (use #CancelTheDebt and check toolkit here for more resources and tweet examples, including infographics
We hope many of you join this afternoon. Both if you do or if you can't, please disseminate through social media! 
Best wishes

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