Development finance: donor fatigue, in-donor refugee costs, causality and correlation

Each year, Ambrela – Platform for Development Organisations, organises this unique international conference. Ambrela is an umbrella organisation of 27 mostly non-governmental organisations in Slovakia that focus on development cooperation, humanitarian aid, global development education and sustainable development at home and abroad. The Forum provides a unique opportunity to discuss issues on the international agenda and connect with civil society actors in Eastern Europe and beyond as well as other stakeholders each year.

The conference covered topics from disinformation and the future of democracy to climate change and food crisis in the context of Horn of Africa and the role of central and eastern European actors in Ukrainian reconstruction. Eurodad held a session with the Polish organisation CASE on “Development finance: donor fatigue, in-donor refugee costs, causality and correlation”. It highlighted trends in ODA and specifically amongst central and eastern European donors.

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