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Yesterday Farwa (Eurodad development finance team) and I joined the EIB - CSO webinar (part 1: climate, part 2. sustainable development & human rights) and raised questions on valuation models and developing better techniques to address the impacts of certain financial instruments and the EIB's use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Below is an overview of the webinar from Counter Balance, and here are some joint Eurodad & Counter Balance detailed notes on the webinar:

I note that some of you were also on yesterday's call, and also made interventions. I'd be interested in hearing yours and others thoughts on yesterday's session. What's clear is that the EIB President & a few of the Directors do not consider the adoption of the EIB Climate Bank Roadmap as the end of the EIB's work on climate issues, which is a good indicator to have. I think a follow-up meeting with the EIB to raise some points is needed, and I see that Counter Balance would also like to do this. I'll keep you updated if such a meeting takes place.

Of note, the EIB lists the following areas as being under review in 2021:
Transport lending policy,
Cohesion policy,
Transparency policy, and
Environment and social safeguards.

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The official report from the EIB on the exchange between the EIB and CSOs has now been published and is available here: summary of the event.

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