Enhancing women's organisations' role in, and access to, climate finance

Through a collaboration with Prospera, the International Network of Women’s Funds, who commissioned this vital work, WEDO researched and produced this report and accompanying summary documents on engaging women’s organizations, feminist advocates, and gender-related groups in climate finance.

Ensuring women’s organizations are engaged in climate finance and increasing access to funding for gender-responsive climate solutions are key priorities for WEDO, and we have also been collaborating with Both ENDS on the initiative, “Participation is Power: Women Demand Gender-Just Climate Finance,” where the series of webinars on women’s rights and climate finance can serve as one avenue for learning about the processes and procedures of the multilateral climate funds, the first of five recommendations for women’s organizations detailed in the report and brief.


The report provides an overview of climate finance mechanisms, including the framework and approach for integrating gender equality across each of the funds the state of gender integration across each of the funds, and the challenges and opportunities to engage for women’s funds and their partner organizations. 

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