Eurodad reaction to the finalisation of IDA20 Replenishment

The IDA20 Replenishment has now been finalised but we do not have any details on the allocation of resources. Following yesterday's last World Bank-CSO Meeting for 2021, see Eurodad's press release on IDA20. 

Eurodad reaction to the finalisation of IDA20 Replenishment


Yesterday, the World Bank announced a US$93 billion package to replenish the International Development Association (IDA) - a financing package to help the world’s poorest countries. However, the Bank failed to provide details about how the funds will be allocated and the channels through which they will be spent. Eurodad urges the World Bank to publish all details of the IDA20 replenishment as soon as possible. Read our press release

Please also click here to read Eurodad's submission to the World Bank's IDA20 

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