Feminism can be looked at as an ideology, an analytical framework or as a social change strategy:

  • As an ideology feminism stands not only for gender equality but for the transformation of all social relations of power that discriminate people on the basis of their gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, race, religion, nationality, location, ability, class, caste or ethnicity. It also stands for equal worth of every person. The transformation has to happen because relations of power naturalize hierarchies dependent on the idea of some people being worth more than others.
  • As an analytical framework, feminism looks at researched issues by applying the concepts of patriarchy (a system which privileges men and masculinity over women and femininity in political, economic, social and cultural structures), gender and power relations
  • As a social change strategy, feminism prioritises the empowerment of women and gender non-conforming people and the transformation of gender power relations.

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