FOR SIGN-ON: Joint NGO statement - Finance in Common - Deadline Fri 6 Nov 17:00 UTC

The “Finance in Common” summit will take place on 10-12 November 2020. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global socio-economic and climate crises, the Finance in Common Summit will stress the crucial role of Public Development Banks (PDBs) in reconciling short-term countercyclical responses to the crisis with sustainable recovery measures that will have a long-term impact on the planet and societies. The summit, convened by the French Development Agency (AFD), is gathering the world’s 450 PDBs to discuss their role, their ambition, their challenges and opportunities.

Against this background, a wide group of civil society organisations working on climate, environment, sustainable development, biodiversity, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, gender, and other topics, have worked jointly over the past few months to develop a joint cross-constituency statement with a number of demands towards PDBs: Eurodad was a part of the drafters team and drafted several sections along with the support of some out members and allies e.g. Action Aid, Water Aid, Recourse, Counter Balance etc. So the text is robust, in terms of our positions.

This statement is now final, closed for chanes and open for sign-on by CSOs until Friday 6th November at 17:00 UTC.

Please let me know by Friday 6th November noon CET, if you have any issues with us signing this statement. My apologies for the shirt deadline. The call to sign-on was sent yesterday when I was off.

In order to maximize our impact, it will be crucial to gather for as many organizations as possible to sign this statement and put forth a powerful common voice on the occasion of the summit. Please note we are only asking for organizations to sign-on (no individuals) and when you do fill out the form, please ensure that you have your organization's mandate to do so.

The link to sign-on is: The deadline for sign-on is Friday 6 November at 17:00 UTC.

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