IMF Gender Strategy Key Dates

Dear all,


Following up on my previous emails, I want to summarize a few key dates and opportunities for engagement around the IMF Gender Strategy for those who might have missed it.


  • TODAY: Deadline to sign on to a letter to the IMF Board to call for a more open and inclusive consultation process. We already have an amazing 65 signatures! Please add your signature directly or email me. The letter will be sent out next Monday.
  • Jan 27, 2:30-4pm GMT: Informal CSO meeting with the team of the UK Executive Director (ED). Prep meeting has taken place already. If you still want to join, please let me know asap.
  • Jan 31, 9am EST / 2pm GMT: Official CSO meeting with the IMF Gender Team (TBC). Meeting is to be confirmed – invites have not been issued. I expect the IMF CSO liaison to coordinate this, but will send further updates should I receive any.
  • Feb 9: First informal Board meeting to discuss the draft strategy.
  • End of March: Final Board meeting for final endorsement.


Why care?

Meaningful civil society engagement around this gender strategy over the next 2.5 months will be crucial. It is the first time the IMF spells out its approach to gender in a dedicated strategy. This could be an opportunity to create a robust institutional anchor for mainstreaming a gender (and do-no-harm) lens across the Fund’s core operations – or it could mean that a superficial “add women and stir” approach becomes further entrenched for years to come. The IMF Gender team seems very interested in civil society engagement, but we need to push for a process that’s open, inclusive, accessible, and transparent.


Thank you all for your relentless work,

In solidarity,



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