INFO: COP26 updates on policy, agendas, engagement opportunities, useful resources, Eurodad's plans

Dear colleagues,


COP26 starts in a couple of days, officially running from Sunday, October 31st to Friday, November 12th. 


I’m sharing some information with you based on email exchanges with some of you. I’m sorry that I’ve not been able to respond to all individual emails, I hope that this email will answer the questions that you have. 


It’s a long email, so I’ve divided this email into Eurodad’s plan for COP26, policy, agendas and programmes, engagement opportunities at COP26, useful resources. There’s also a short point on press conferences since I’ve received a few emails on this. Notably, for anyone waiting to hear back regarding press conference slots at COP26 the UNFCCC has said that over 100 organisations are waiting for press conference slots, so it may take some time for the UNFCCC to get back to you. Acronyms are explained at the bottom of the email.

Section 1: Eurodad’s COP26 plans:


Eurodad’s work at COP26 will focus on monitoring and intelligence gathering. This is in order to build-up a better understanding of the climate finance landscape, because discussions on the new global climate finance goal will begin at COP26 and will conclude by 2025. Eurodad will engage in the following activities: 


  • 22/10: Eurodad COP26 toolkit is published 

  • Across 2 weeks: 4 updates emails on COP26 (start and end of COP weeks) 

  • Across 2 weeks: Intelligence tracking and monitoring document: 

    • Tab 1: Workstreams to engage in: I have listed some entry points in existing UNFCCC workstreams and the COP26 Presidency work programme for you to use to engage with non-UNFCCC workstream issues e.g. private finance is not an official workstream, but I have listed the entry points for you to engage in this topic. Please use the ‘workstreams tab’ to view these entry points.

    • Tab 2: Intelligence tracking: If you have any intelligence from meetings that you’re happy to share, please add it into the ‘intelligence tab’ and include the country.

    • Tab 3: CSO demands: For those of you who have asked for positions on things other than climate finance, please check the CSO demands tab.

  • 03/11 and 04/11: COP26 Presidency Finance and Energy day - tweeting and retweet what our members say + Highlights email afterwards 

  • 06/11: Global Day of Action - CSO march in Glasgow + virtual actions - Eurodad will live tweet

  • Daily: CSO newsletter called ECO - CAN working groups publish policy updates on the negotiations - Leia will share these with Eurodad members since they will cover more than climate finance

  • 16/11 - Post-COP26: Highlights on climate finance at COP26 blog - wrap-up for our members/ the public 


Eurodad will only follow climate finance at COP26. There are approx. 17 agenda items on finance at COP26. Eurodad’s policy focus will be on agenda item 8.e. New collective quantified goal on climate finance. 


Section 2: Policy 


UNFCCC workstream documents


Key documents relevant for policy and advocacy work:

  • In-session workshop on long-term climate finance in 2020. Summary report by the secretariat: 

  • COP26 & COP25 Presidency: Second Reflections paper on Informal Bilateral Consultations on the Topic of the New Collective Quantified Finance Goal 


Section 3: COP26 Agendas and programmes 


Provisional agendas for UNFCCC technical workstreams


  • Provisional COP26 agenda:

  • Provisional CMA agenda:

    • Agenda time 8 will cover: Matters relating to finance: (a) Matters relating to the Standing Committee on Finance: (i) Report of the Standing Committee on Finance – Paris Agreement matters; (ii) First report on the determination of the needs of developing country Parties related to implementing the Convention and the Paris Agreement; (iii) Fourth (2020) Biennial Assessment and Overview of Climate Finance Flows; (b) Guidance to the Green Climate Fund; (c) Guidance to the Global Environment Facility; (d) Matters relating to the Adaptation Fund; (e) New collective quantified goal on climate finance; (f) Compilation and synthesis of, and summary report on the in-session workshop on, biennial communications of information related to Article 9, paragraph 5, of the Paris Agreement.

  • Provisional SBSTA agenda:

    • Agenda item 14: Methodological issues under the Paris Agreement:

c) Common tabular formats for the electronic reporting of the information on financial, technology development and transfer, and capacity-building support provided and mobilized, as well as support needed and received, under Articles 9–11 of the Paris Agreement;


COP26 UNFCCC workstreams agenda [attached]: 

  • Key climate finance dates and times (GMT): 

    • OCT 31st: Opening of the COP, CMP, CMA & SBSTA, SBI* (process/ negotiations)

    • NOV 1 - 2: Leader’s Summit (process/ negotiations)

    • NOV 3rd - 15:15 - 18:00: 4th biennial high-level ministerial dialogue on Climate Finance  (mandated workshop/ event)

    • NOV 3rd - 15:15 - 18:00: 4th High Level Ministerial Dialogue on long-term climate finance  (mandated workshop/ event)

    • NOV 4th - 15:00 - 18:00: Presidency’s open dialogue between UNFCCC NGO constituency representatives and Parties - non climate finance related.(mandated workshop/ event)

    • NOV 6th: Closing ceremonies of the technical bodies’ meetings (SBSTA, SBI) (process/ negotiations)

    • NOV 8th - 15:00 - 18:00: 1st high-level ministerial dialogue on climate finance under the CMA (mandated workshop/ event)

    • NOV 9th: Opening on second part of high-level national statements (process/ negotiations)

    • NOV 11-12th: Closing plenaries of COP, CMP and CMA (process/ negotiations)


COP26 Presidency programme:


  • Key dates

  • NOV 1st - Tuesday November 2nd: World Leader’s Summit

Welcoming world leaders to COP to put forward high level ambition and action towards securing global net zero and keeping 1.5 degrees in reach; adapting to protect communities and natural habitats; and mobilising finance.

  • NOV 3rd: Finance day

  • NOV 4th: Energy day

  • NOV 8th : Adaptation, Loss and Damage day

  • NOV 9th: Gender day


Daily agenda on the negotiations [will be published here]:  


Section 4: Engagement opportunities at COP26


WhatsApp group for Eurodad and friends at COP26



Virtual engagement 



Protests and/or Demonstrations


If you are planning to engage in protests and/or demonstrations whilst in Glasgow, I encourage you to read or save the following CSO documents on protests and Scottish Law:


Movement Assemblies during COP26

During COP26 there will be several movement assemblies to connect the dots between climate justice and other justice movements, e.g. disabilities and climate justice, economic justice and climate action etc. More information can be found here: The agenda can be seen in this graphic:


Section 5: Useful resources 

Relevant climate finance country grouping positions and announcements


Eurodad and member’s Resources

CAN International resources


Relevant climate finance letters published ahead of COP26:


Interesting articles from activists ahead of COP26



Section 6: Press conferences to follow significant outcomes 

  • There will be UNFCCC and COP Presidency press conferences during COP26: [check the bottom of this page for updated links]: 

  • For anyone waiting to hear back regarding press conference slots at COP26, the UNFCCC has said that over 100 organisations are waiting for press conference slots, so it may take some time.

  • There will be Daily CAN press briefings/ conferences and press releases. 



  • COP: Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the UNFCCC

  • CMA: Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement − the decision-making body that oversees implementation of the Paris Agreement.

  • CMP: serves as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and is the decision-making body that oversees implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. Any Party that has signed and ratified the relevant Agreement has full rights of engagement within the relevant meeting, including the right to take decisions.

  • SBI: UNFCCC Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI)

  • SBSTA: UNFCCC Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA)


Eurodad COP26 team

  • Leia Achampong - will be in Glasgow from OCT 31st - NOV 13th.

  • Hamdi Benslamawill be providing coordination support from Brussels

  • Maria Jose Romerowill be providing leadership support from Brussels

  • The communications team will be providing support from Brussels 


Notes October Eurodad climate finance working group call:


Thanks for reading until the end :-). If you have any feedback on this email format, please let me know so I can improve for next time! 


I’m looking forward to working with you over the next 2 weeks!


Best regards,



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