INFO on COP26 side-events: June 29th - July 2nd period for applications

Dear colleagues,
The process for holding side-events at COP26 is now up, and the period for submitting applications is June 29th - July 2nd. This is a very short turnaround. 
For now it's possible to submit preliminary information, which can be updated at a later point. Details on side events can be updated up to two days before the side event takes place. More details are here:  
This table outlines the information required: 
  • Week 1 of a COP is technical, so week 1 is best for technical events that aim to target the outcomes of the UNFCCC workstreams discussed at a COP.
  • Week 2 of a COP is when ministers arrive, so week 2 is best for high-level events with ministers.
We will discuss this opportunity at Eurodad and with the DADs. In the meantime, please do let me know if you're interested in holding a side-event. If there's enough interest I can create a table for people to input ideas on themes and we can see who would want to collaborate on joint events with each other!
Useful resources on COP side-events:
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