Jubilee Debt Campaign Debt Data Portal

This portal by Jubilee Debt Campaign compiles key statistics and analysis on the debts of countries and governments.

The data portal is available on Jubilee Debt Campaign's website

Jubilee Debt Campaign's risk analysis finds that 52 countries across the world are suffering from a debt crisis. In addition, there are 32 countries at risk of a private sector debt crisis, 7 countries at risk of a public sector debt crisis, and 24 at risk from both a private and public debt crisis. Read more about this analysis here.

One of the best guides to a government debt burden is the value of debt payments which leave the country each year compared to the government’s revenue. Countries in the global south spent an average 14.3% of government revenue on foreign debt payments in 2020, an increase from 6.7% in 2010. 

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