Pandora Papers backlash, presidents under investigation, prestigious museums under scrutiny and more

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In the weeks since we began publishing the Pandora Papers, we’ve told you all about the impact the investigation has had — including investigations against world leaders, pledged tax probes, and proposed reform efforts.

Sadly, there’s also a dark side to the reactions the global exposé has seen — especially for our reporting partners who participated in the project despite grave threats to press freedom in their countries.

A number of journalists who worked on the Pandora Papers are facing serious backlash for investigating the secret financial affairs of local powerbrokers. Others have seen attempts by high-profile officials to denounce and discredit their reporting, legal threats, and personal smears.

While our global network continues to work to support our journalism partners who are facing challenging crackdowns, the heated reaction from some corners also convey how damaging Pandora Papers revelations may be for the wealthy and well-connected the world over.

Here’s a summary of some of the backlash some reporters are experiencing — from a legal change that could criminalize the work of journalists investigating money laundering in Honduras, to an attempt to stop Russian news organizations from taking part in ICIJ projects, and more.

We spoke to four Pandora Papers media partners from different regions, who shared their insights and reflections about working on the biggest journalism collaboration in history. Watch the video spotlight here.

In another week of dramatic fallout, investigations sparked by the Pandora Papers continue against several presidents, in countries like Ecuador, Montenegro, Chile, and more, while America’s role as a financial secrecy haven is in the spotlight like never before.

Our Pandora Papers reporting on precious relics allegedly looted from Cambodia continues to make waves in the world of prestigious museums, including at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose officials met with federal prosecutors after our investigation found pieces in their collection linked to a notorious accused trafficker.

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