Public CBCR petition just launched in German and English - please share!

German CSOs have launched two CBCR petitions targeting the German government today. 

As you know, we have an important opportunity for progress on the public CBCR proposal in the EU Council right now, but the German Presidency of the Council has failed to make any commitment to facilitate discussion on the legislative proposal. Our allies in Germany believe external pressure will be an important motivator, so Campact and Corporate Europe Observatory have launched petitions in German and English with the support of Netzwerk Steuergerechtigkeit and several other CSOs. 

Please share these widely - we need as many signatures from as many countries as possible! 

Our allies will present the signatures to the German government on the 4 November, calling on the German Presidency to put public CBCR on the agenda of upcoming Competitiveness Council meetings scheduled on 19, 20 and 29 November. This allows enough time for them to be delivered before the agendas for the meetings are finalised. We'll discuss additional proposals for actions towards the German government on the public CBCR call in just under an hour!

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