UPDATE: New reports, analyses and data on climate finance

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Ahead of the holiday break, I wanted to share some resources with you that you might find to be useful reading over the holiday period.

Report: Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2021 from the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI).

  • CPI has one of the most comprehensive disaggregated datasets on climate finance, so is a helpful complement to the data published by the OECD and by the UNFCCC. CPI also carries out some of the assessments for the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance (SCF). They have released data on 2019/ 2020 climate finance flows.
  • Link: https://www.climatepolicyinitiative.org/publication/global-landscape-of-climate

Analysis: Lack of public finance and debt relief at COP26 undermines countries’ climate goals. 

Report: Lights and Shadows of COP26 report by Latindadd
  • Our sister secretariat Latindadd has produced a report reflecting on COP26. It contains the main positive and negative aspects that can be rescued from a balance of what happened at COP26 from our perspective.
  • Attached

Survey call-out: Understanding and responding to the protection needs of climate activists and movements
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