UPDATE: Next meetings on the new global climate finance goal + Eurodad paper on the new goal

Dear colleagues,

A short update on the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance (NCQG).

Eurodad submission

Ahead of the deadline (14/08), Eurodad has made a submission to the public consultation on the NCQG that we have also uploaded on our website called 'Efficient, Equitable and Effective High-Quality Climate Finance: Recommendations for the post-2025 global climate finance goal': https://www.eurodad.org/ncqg_2022

Next meetings on the NCQG
The 3rd Technical Expert Dialogue (TED) on the NCQG will take place from 6th - 9th of September in the Philippines at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters. The sessions will cover needs and priorities of developing countries, the sources of climate finance and the role of climate finance actors. This TED may also include 'expert input events'. More information is in the attached document.

To register for the TEDs (so you can engage in the breakout sessions - virtually or in person), please contact your UNFCCC constituency representative. Alternatively, you can watch the webcast of the plenary sessions on the UNFCCC website. The link for the webcast will be shared by the UNFCCC in September.

The 4th TED will take place during or just ahead of COP27 (exact date to be announced), and cover access to climate finance, and the aim is for it to take place over 1 full day. Details on the date, time and registration will be shared by the UNFCCC closer to November. More details are in the attached document.

Below are the previous email updates that I've sent on the NCQG.

Useful resources:

Of note, I will be on leave from August 15th - August 28th inclusive.

Wishing you all a good weekend!



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