Virtual beer time for Eurodad members and allies

05 May 2021
May 05, 2021 at 5:00pm - 7pm

The pandemic conditions have not allowed us to plan any physical gathering of Eurodad members last year and this year, thus not allowing us to meet face to face either formally or informally and to get to know the newest members and (statutory) allies of our network. 

Therefore, we propose to organise a virtual beer open to all staff from all Eurodad old and new members and statutory allies. It will be an opportunity to get to know each other in an informal environment. GatherTown is a very nice and easy-to-use application, where you will be able to reach small groups to have informal conversations, and wander from groups to groups very easily.

Using the event application

Technical equipment: People should have A DRINK, a good connection and computer with a solid processor so that the system is not collapsing. Gather can be used on any computer (laptop or desktop), on any OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), using one of our supported web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). You can also download the application. If you have trouble connecting, please check the tutorial:

Connection link:

Methodology and Timing: GatherTown will only be used for social networking. People will be totally free to wander in the GatherTown, discuss with other people, leave or join groups as they wish. This will not be used as a tool for a structured working session.

Hotkeys and Shortcuts While in a Space:


  • (Ctrl/⌘ P)  - User/Video Preferences.

  • (Ctrl/⌘ U)  - Turn On/Off Quiet Mode.

  • (g)  - Enter ghost mode and walk through other participants.

  • (e) - teleport you to the nearest open area when you are trapped (Only available if you are trapped)

  • (x) - to interact with an object or to select a subset of objects in Erase Mode

  • (z)  - make your avatar dance


Cecilia GONDARD · · +33494648054


Nicola Scherer Maruša Babnik Thea Sofie Rusten Grastveit Outi Hakkarainen Rita Cavaco Leia Achampong Joe Inwood Cecilia Gondard

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