WaterAid Communique & C20 Response

WaterAid commissioned some polling from YouGov that shows that 75% of those surveyed (across the G20 + Nigeria and Sweden) support debt suspension to enable LICs to recover from COVID. They’re using the results to prop up our calls for debt relief beyond the DSSI.

Some links, all launched on 8/9 April 2021:

  • Our new brief and exec summary directed at the G20/G7 (in English, Italian and French)
  • A blog I wrote on the polling results
  • An op-ed in Thomson Reuters by my boss -  which doesn’t reference yesterday’s updates as it was published just as the communique etc came out, but still might be relevant for the C20 response.

Your contact point at WaterAid: 

Kathryn Tobin
Advocacy Adviser
1 212 683 0430
1 347 647 0860

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