Webinar on Care and Tax Justice - Kvinna Till Kvinna / Global Alliance for Tax Justice

03 November 2021
November 03, 2021 at 2:00pm - 4pm

Women are economically disadvantaged because they perform up to 75 % of all unpaid domestic and care work in addition to any paid work they may be able to perform (watch: Make Taxes Work for Women! - YouTube). To overcome this, we must move towards a care economy that values care and human welfare over profit maximisation for a small elite.
This session will focus what do we mean by “care economy”? How can we change economic structures to recognize, reduce and redistribute (3R) women’s unpaid domestic and care work?
What are the options for measuring care work, and can it be reflected in GDP to become part of the “official” economy?

What are progressive, regressive and “pink” taxes, and how can tax systems be structured to provide fiscal space for social services that can reduce women’s unpaid work? Introducing examples for concrete tax reforms that can be championed to generate fiscal space for social service, and why these may be difficult to introduce (i.e. wealth tax calculations). The session will also provide examples from other countries of successful campaigns for more gender responsive tax reforms and how to organise towards it.

- Time: 60 min presentation + 45 min Q&A / debate
- Presenter: GATJ and CRTDA


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