Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development - how to join

Grupo de mujeres sobre Financiamiento para el Desarrollo 

Groupe de Femmes sur le Financement du Developpement

Criteria for general membership in the WWG on FfD

Membership in the Women’s Working Group on Financing for Developmen shall be voluntary for civil society organizations and networks who:

  • Share the objectives and positioning of the Women’s Working Group on FfD, which are collectively developed;
  • Be representative of a civil society organization active at the national, regional or global level and willing to exchange, coordinate and strategize on feminists and women’s rights efforts around the FfD process.
  • Demonstrated previous involvement in the FfD process;
  • Make a commitment to regular involvement in the work of the WWG on FfD

General membership information

1. Interested organizations and groups should answer the following questions and send to the following e-mail address: wwgonffd(@)gmail.com

A. How is your organization actively involved or plans to be involved in bringing a feminist and women’s rights perspective to the III Conference on Financing for Development process?
B. What are your organization’s key priorities on gender equality and women’s human rights for FfD?
C. What is the primary interest of your organization to join the group?
D. What can your organization bring to the group?
E. In which level of engagement is your organization interested to join (see section on Ways of Working)?

2. Previous WWG members will immediately comprise the initial membership of the WWG, unless they send notice of the opposite.

3. The membership of new CSOs and networks will be confirmed by the current core group of the WWG on FfD striving for an open and transparent way.

Membership list will be updated every three months to keep track of the membership and as a transparency exercise. The list will include submissions that are made at least one month before the scheduled due date.

WWG on FfD membership benefits and opportunities:

  • Access to information, analysis and positioning of feminist and women’s rights organizations/ groups on current FfD issues with a feminist and women’s rights perspective;
  • Latest information from the Addis Ababa CSO Coordinating Group on FfD of which the WWG on FfD is a member. The CSO CG is a global representative and coordinating body facilitating access to information, analysis and networking with the broader civil society constituency around FfD issues;
  • Pertinent and timely information to official FfD information: calendar of FfD process, political mapping, advocacy opportunities, logistics for participation at FfD Review Conference (July 2015);
  • Coordination with other women’s platforms active in interlinking UN processes.

Cessation of membership

Voluntary: Any member may disengage from the working group by submitting a written communication to the core support members manifesting their voluntary decision to cease membership or partnership with the WWG.
Involuntary: Any member who consistently and consciously acts in a manner detrimental to the objectives of the working group may be removed from membership through a consultative peer review process, if needed. This will be submitted in written communication.

Please find more information on the WWG on FfD website.

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