A toolkit for advocacy at the International Monetary Fund

This toolkit aims to support civil society advocacy towards the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In Part 1, it provides an overview of the institution: its main functions, its governance, and how EU Member States influence its decision-making. In Part 2, you will find guidance on finding and understanding information on Fund activities, and on how civil society organisations (CSOs) can direct IMF-focused advocacy and campaign work.

The toolkit is principally targeted at CSOs based in the EU, and those working on development finance issues within the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The IMF is a key part of the international financial architecture and wields huge influence over the domestic economic policies of impoverished countries through its core work. The IMF’s activities impact heavily on a range of issues including, education, health, social protection, tax justice, labour rights, youth unemployment, climate change resilience, and inequality: meaning it directly impacts the enjoyment of human rights across the world. This toolkit is therefore intended to be an accessible resource for any organisation working on these issues and that wants to begin or step up its advocacy towards the IMF. Given the bearing that the IMF has on how able the Global South will be to finance and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, it is critical for CSOs to contribute their voices to its work.


Download the kit here

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