About the KMP

The Eurodad network knowledge management platform (KMP) is an intranet available for Eurodad members and allies. It includes capacity building elements, for those who want to step up their knowledge about debt, tax justice, development finance, and cross-cutting issues such as investment treaties, financial sector rules, gender justice, global governance or climate finance. 

The KMP is also a place to exchange information, post campaign material, publish advocacy tools, connect with people and organizations working on similar issues, and find out about relevant events. Topical advocacy spaces will provide you not only with the latest updates about Eurodad key topic areas but also to “work in progress” and current campaigns. 

Last but not least, the KMP is a research hub. As a user and contributor of the KMP, you can propose content to make sure your latest report or briefing is available to everyone. In this regard, while the Eurodad website is the first repository of Eurodad publications, blogs and press releases, the KMP also includes links to official documents, research databases, academic articles, Eurodad members campaigns and resources. 

The KMP was built with the financial support of the EC Network Strengthening Grant. If you have any ideas, suggestions for improvement, etc. please do contact [email protected].

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