Face-to-face meetings in Brussels - October 2021

This page contains material shared during the face-to-face meetings in Brussels on 19-20 October 2021 between new Eurodad members, Eurodad staff and members of the Network Strengthening Working Group.


Development finance

Download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Debt justice

Download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Debt Justice Work Plan 2021

Resources on climate and debt

  • Materials from the Debt Wednesdays training series: Debt justice > trainings > online trainings.
  • Notes from the Theory of Change meeting, February 2021
  • Global Virtual Strategy Meeting, September 2021
    • The notes from the meetings are saved here.
    • Following this link, you can read the mapping exercise about positions and plans that were shared by different CSOs.


Tax justice

Tax justice team in Eurodad secretariat
Name Role Email
Tove Maria Ryding

Policy and Advocacy Manager - tax justice.         

Tove leads on global level tax justice.

[email protected]
Olivia Lally

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer - tax justice.

Olivia leads on EU level tax justice.

[email protected]
Kendrah Jesperson 

Senior Project Coordinator - Ending Inequalities.

Kendrah coordinates the inequalities project.

[email protected]


  • Tax Justice Europe: You can find attached a document called 'About Tax Justice Europe' which introduces the network, as well as a list of our shared policy priorities and our members. The policy priorities contains a list of our key policy asks across several topics and we're always happy to share further information or connect you with others working on specific areas. As Marusa mentioned, membership of TJ-E is free and any organisation can apply. The existing members vote on membership requests during the biannual meetings.
  • Tax Justice Europe Policy Demands March 2021
  • Tax Justice Europe members and associates March 2021
  • Email lists: You're welcome to email Olivia or Tove if you or your colleagues would like to join any of the email lists. We have a general European tax justice email list where we share information, publications and invitations to calls and events. You can also find a list of the global working groups in the annex of the 'About Tax Justice Europe' document; Each working group has an associated email list, where information on this topic is shared. Both the public country by country reporting and the Anti-Money Laundering Directive lists tend to have mostly European members since they've originated from joint campaigning for EU laws to deliver transparency. They are where we discuss the two transparency topics we covered earlier - transparency on where and how much tax large multinational corporations pay in each country they operate in (called public country by country reporting) and transparency to show who the real owners of companies are (called registers of beneficial ownership).
  • Eurodad publications: You can find our recent tax justice briefings and reports here and media reactions on tax are often published to the website here at the same time we share them on the European tax justice email list. You can also find other reports by searching the KMP and website.

Network sustainability

Download the PowerPoint presentation here.





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