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Debt Justice | Online Trainings

#BlockBlackRock - online event recording

Watch the complete recording of #BlockBlackRock virtual public event which aimed at unpacking why feminists are calling for UN Women...
Boston University Global Development Policy Center

Dev Talk: Using Debt-for-Climate Swaps to Solve Two Crises at Once

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - Addressing the challenges of a climate- and gender-just equitable world

The interconnectedness between the multiple crises that humanity faces today - debt, climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, poverty, food insecurity...

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - Global debt crises – what role for the CEE/CIS region?

Debt crises are not just a problem for large debtor countries in Latin America or the poorest countries in Africa....

Policy Forum 2021 - How do development finance, debt justice, climate justice and tax justice relate to each other?

Eurodad's vision is clear: we want to see a world in which wealth and power is equitably distributed, a world...

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - The Covid-19 crisis: Portal or dead end?

Recordings available in English, French and Spanish. Taking place back-to-back with COP26 and soon after the G20 summit, the Annual...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 13&14

Public debt data resources Mobilisation and advocacy strategies
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 11&12

During the sixth Debt Wednesday event, we explored some cross-cutting issues that are inextricably connected to debt justice: climate justice,...
Daniel Munevar

A Pandemia da Dívida / Debt Pandemic

The Debt Pandemic: What Impacts For Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique? Webinar in English and Portuguese
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 9&10

International Finance Architecture reform: Debt workout mechanism and responsible lending and borrowing. Overview of debt in Europe
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 7&8

Illegitimate debt and debt audit. Overview of debt in Asia.
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 5&6

Debt relief & the Paris Club historical perspective Overview of debt in Africa

SYSTÅM DËBT - How to become a wealthy creditor

In this video with subtitles in 4 languages (FR, NL, EN, ES), ZIN TV, Entraide et Fraternité and the CADTM...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 3&4

Defaults & restructuring Overview of debt in Latin America
Jean Saldanha

Debt Wednesday: session 1&2

What is public debt? Sovereign debt today and debt sustainability
Iolanda Fresnillo

A tale of two emergencies - webinar

The climate emergency has become a wider focus of policy discussions around debt, as climate vulnerabilities increase the risk of...

A debt moratorium – but for whom?

Organised by EURODAD,, Jubilee Caribbean and LATINDADD
Maria Jose Romero

Crash Course - Arrested development and austerity: Avoiding the debt trap with Daniel Munevar & María José Romero

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Sara and Rodrigo speak to Daniel Munevar & María José Romero from Eurodad and...

Zambia: The canary in the (debt crises) mine?

Zambia became the first country to default on its sovereign debt as a result of Covid-19. What are the implications...

Crash Course - Confronting Debt in the Global South

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Dominic Brown discusses the strategies being proposed by popular movements in the Global South...

Crash Course - What is Subordinate Financialization?

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Ewa Karwowski guides us through ways to quantify and recognize financialization in the...

Video: “Debt relief as response to the corona-induced recession – What next?

Watch the recording of our September 2020 online expert discussion on Erlassjahr YouTube channel  

Crash Course - Dependency Theory and Uneven Development

In this episode of Crash Course Economics, Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez discuss Dependency Theory with Ingrid Kvangraven. How does...

Crash Course - Debt, Dependence and Development in Historical Perspective

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez speak with Andrew Fischer about Debt, Dependence and Development...

Crash Course - Monetary policy: effects on the Global South

Pablo Bortz speaks with Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez about monetary policy and the effects on the Global South in...