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Debt Justice | Online Trainings

Webinar - Decoding the New Financial Pact Summit: Critical reflection from the lens of climate, debt and tax justice

An interactive roundtable discussion to critically reflect on the outcomes of the New Global Financial Pact. What policy implications will...
Emy De Nardi

Webinar - Rebranding or reshaping the global financial architecture? MDBs reform, Bridgetown Initiative and the New Global Financial Pact

Building on Eurodad’s first webinar on the World Bank’s ‘Evolution Roadmap’ titled Reform or Regress? From the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap...
Emy De Nardi

Webinar - Reform or Regress? From the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap to the Bridgetown Agenda - Webinar recording

This webinar aimed to be an explanatory primer for the CSO network to explore the World Bank’s recent ‘Evolution Roadmap’...

#BlockBlackRock - online event recording

Watch the complete recording of #BlockBlackRock virtual public event which aimed at unpacking why feminists are calling for UN Women...
Boston University Global Development Policy Center

Dev Talk: Using Debt-for-Climate Swaps to Solve Two Crises at Once

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - Addressing the challenges of a climate- and gender-just equitable world

The interconnectedness between the multiple crises that humanity faces today - debt, climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, poverty, food insecurity...

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - Global debt crises – what role for the CEE/CIS region?

Debt crises are not just a problem for large debtor countries in Latin America or the poorest countries in Africa....

Policy Forum 2021 - How do development finance, debt justice, climate justice and tax justice relate to each other?

Eurodad's vision is clear: we want to see a world in which wealth and power is equitably distributed, a world...

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - The Covid-19 crisis: Portal or dead end?

Recordings available in English, French and Spanish. Taking place back-to-back with COP26 and soon after the G20 summit, the Annual...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 13&14

Public debt data resources Mobilisation and advocacy strategies
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 11&12

During the sixth Debt Wednesday event, we explored some cross-cutting issues that are inextricably connected to debt justice: climate justice,...
Daniel Munevar

A Pandemia da Dívida / Debt Pandemic

The Debt Pandemic: What Impacts For Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique? Webinar in English and Portuguese
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 9&10

International Finance Architecture reform: Debt workout mechanism and responsible lending and borrowing. Overview of debt in Europe
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 7&8

Illegitimate debt and debt audit. Overview of debt in Asia.
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 5&6

Debt relief & the Paris Club historical perspective Overview of debt in Africa

SYSTÅM DËBT - How to become a wealthy creditor

In this video with subtitles in 4 languages (FR, NL, EN, ES), ZIN TV, Entraide et Fraternité and the CADTM...
Ilaria Crotti

Debt Wednesdays: session 3&4

Defaults & restructuring Overview of debt in Latin America
Jean Saldanha

Debt Wednesday: session 1&2

What is public debt? Sovereign debt today and debt sustainability
Iolanda Fresnillo

A tale of two emergencies - webinar

The climate emergency has become a wider focus of policy discussions around debt, as climate vulnerabilities increase the risk of...

A debt moratorium – but for whom?

Organised by EURODAD,, Jubilee Caribbean and LATINDADD
Maria Jose Romero

Crash Course - Arrested development and austerity: Avoiding the debt trap with Daniel Munevar & María José Romero

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Sara and Rodrigo speak to Daniel Munevar & María José Romero from Eurodad and...

Zambia: The canary in the (debt crises) mine?

Zambia became the first country to default on its sovereign debt as a result of Covid-19. What are the implications...

Crash Course - Confronting Debt in the Global South

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Dominic Brown discusses the strategies being proposed by popular movements in the Global South...

Crash Course - What is Subordinate Financialization?

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Ewa Karwowski guides us through ways to quantify and recognize financialization in the...

Video: “Debt relief as response to the corona-induced recession – What next?

Watch the recording of our September 2020 online expert discussion on Erlassjahr YouTube channel  

Crash Course - Dependency Theory and Uneven Development

In this episode of Crash Course Economics, Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez discuss Dependency Theory with Ingrid Kvangraven. How does...

Crash Course - Debt, Dependence and Development in Historical Perspective

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez speak with Andrew Fischer about Debt, Dependence and Development...

Crash Course - Monetary policy: effects on the Global South

Pablo Bortz speaks with Sara Murawski and Rodrigo Fernandez about monetary policy and the effects on the Global South in...