Joint CSO submission to UNFCCC public consultation on the post-2025 Climate Finance Goal (NCQG)

The aim of this submission is to show the strength and unity of civil society on the issue of eradicating indebtedness from climate finance, in relation to the quality and transparency of climate finance. 


Dear colleagues,

On 16 August we published the joint CSO submission to the UNFCCC public consultation on the Seventh Technical Expert Dialogue (TED 7) on the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance (NCQG) that over 40+ CSOs signed-up to. 

The submission is available here. Eurodad has also created a Twitter social media kit, available here, and published a Tweet thread here. Feel free to re-tweet Eurodad, to use the social media kit, or to tag us in your own tweets. 

TED7 will take place 30th September - 2nd October, and we’ll also be tweeting around these dates to highlight the main messages of the submission. We hope you can join us and do the same. 

You may also be interested in signing up to the Cancel the debt for climate justice campaign. 

Best regards,

Leia (Eurodad), Tess (Debt Justice), Aldo (Jubilee USA), Carola (Latindadd), Hamdi (Action Aid International), and Julie (Debt Justice Norway).


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